The Importance of Opposing Bill H.R. 5 for Tort Reform

Dear Concerned Friends:

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 16, 2011  approved a medical malpractice reform bill by an 18-15 party-line vote. The Bill caps non-economic damages at $250,000, limits punitive damages to $250,000 or twice the economic damages. The next time the Bill is introduced will be for a vote among the entire House.

Two points I think we should all consider as concerned citizens:

1) Under the Bill of Rights, the 7th Amendment guarantees the right of a jury trial in all civil cases in which the amount of judgment might exceed 20 dollars. The Highest Court’s in three states, Georgia, Tennessee and Illinois, have declared the cap on non-economic damages unconstitutional. Three other states, Alabama, New Hampshire and North Dakota previously did so.

2) Patients facing malpractice caps are forced to rely on taxpayer funded programs to care for their injuries and disabilities, meaning that the tort reform laws actually result in more money being taken out of taxpayer pockets.

Please immediately e-mail or call your Senator or House Representative. Tell them you want them to oppose H.R.5 and protect your inalienable Constitutional right to a jury trial free from Governmental dictates and avoid having taxpayer dollars used to fund care for victims of malpractice.

Please use the below link to determine who are your legislators. You only need to add your zip code and your Representatives’ names, addresses and telephone numbers should appear. Thank you.