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We’re here to fight to win for you from the very beginning to the very end of your claim. Our Firm has taken numerous cases to trial and our winning record speaks for itself. Below, you’ll find just a few of our cases of note that have been officially reported in New York State official publications and legal periodicals.

Officially Reported Cases and Periodicals

  • Sater v. Wyckoff Heights Hosp., 228 A.D.2d 427, 643 N.Y.S.2d 664, N.Y.A.D. 2 Dept., June 03, 1996 (NO. 95-03699).

Appeal of a breach of a hospital’s medical director’s oral employment contract.

  • Levy v. NYC, New York Law Journal Thursday, February 19, 1998 By Bill Alden 2/19/98 NYLJ 1, (col. 3)

Our case, Levy v. State of New York, was featured in the New York Law Journal in anticipation of the publication of the decision.

  • Levy v. State of New York, N.Y.L.J., Feb. 20, 1998, at 27 (N.Y.Cty.Sup.Ct) (York, J.) (Attorneys: Sherri L. Plotkin, for concert goers; Peter A. DeFilippis, for Levy; Michael T. Mervis, for Pinkerton; Dennis C. Vacco, Michael A. Rosas, for NYS; Jeffrey D. Friedlander, Victoria Scalzo, for NYC).

Multiple attendees killed and injured at a City College celebrity basketball game brought suits against City defendants.

  • CITYLAW March/April, 1998 Current Development: City Tort Special Relationship “CCNY CONCERT DEATHS GO TO JURY”  4 City L. 45

Nine people suffocated to death when an overfilled crowd stampeded into the lobby of CCNY’s Nat Holman Gymnasium during a celebrity basketball game and rap music concert.  The City was found to be potentially liable due to the NYCPD’s conduct in failing to control the situation.

  • Ramirez v. New York City Housing Authority, 249 A.D.2d 88, 671 N.Y.S.2d 456, 1998 N.Y. Slip Op. 03347, N.Y.A.D. 1 Dept., April 14, 1998 (NO. 186)

Personal injury action wherein our client was injured when a defective incinerator chute hopper door slammed shut on her right hand causing fractures requiring surgery and resulting in permanent disabilities.  A favorable ruling for the Plaintiff was upheld on appeal, which was argued by our Firm.

  • CITYLAW “CCNY Liable in Concert Stampede” (5 City L.20 January, 1999)

Wrongful death case wherein CCNY was found liable for the deaths of nine people and injuries to another twenty-nine people at an improperly organized, supervised and oversold celebrity basketball game and concert.

  • Childs v. City University Of New York, Court of Claims Judge Benza QDS:04700682

Judge Benza’s Decision, wherein he found that Sean “Diddy” Combs and City College were each 50% responsible for the deaths of nine people and injuries to another twenty-nine at an oversold, mismanaged celebrity basketball game and concert.

  • Levy v. State, 262 A.D.2d 230, 692 N.Y.S.2d 354, 1999 N.Y. Slip Op. 06232, N.Y.A.D. 1 Dept., June 24, 1999 (NO. 1001, 1004, 1002, 1003)

Plaintiff spectators were injured at a City sports event and filed suit against defendant City, claiming that defendant’s police department breached their duty to protect everyone attending the event since they took over functions that would otherwise have been performed by private security or by the event’s organizers.

  • Guerrero v. Lenox Hill Hosp., 270 A.D.2d 179, 705 N.Y.S.2d 225, 2000 N.Y. Slip Op. 03232, N.Y.A.D. 1 Dept., March 28, 2000 (NO. 690N)

Argued at appeal, the Court found that the Defendants were appropriately denied access to our client’s medical records, which were irrelevant to the injury at hand and any possible defense.  Often cited in litigation by practicing attorneys today.

  • Towers v. Hoag 21 NY.J.V.R.A 1:C1 2003 and 2004 WL 6392242 (New York Supreme Trial Order) Judgment for Plaintiff $1,900.000

Motor vehicle accident case where the injured plaintiffs were passengers in a cab which was struck, at an intersection, by a speeding New York City Fire Department ladder truck.   The cab driver and City were found liable.

  • Towers v. Hoag, 40 A.D.3d 244, 833 N.Y.S.2d 388, 2007 N.Y. Slip Op. 03832, N.Y.A.D. 1 Dept., May 03, 2007 (NO. 8860, 23512/96)

Argued on appeal, the trial court judgment of a motor vehicle accident case was modified to correctly reflect the amount of fault attributed to each Defendant.

  • APPELLATE DIVISION DECISION Towers v. Hoag, New York Law Journal, Monday, May 7, 2007 Appellate Division CASE 5/7/2007 NYLJ 24, (col. 5)

Appellate decision of Towers v. Hoag featured in New York Law Journal.

  • Castello v. Casper  PREMISES LIABILITY, New York Law Journal, December 7, 2009 Verdicts & Settlements 12/7/2009 NYLJ 5, (col. 2)

$775,000 premises case settlement in favor of our client, wherein a defective radiator fell onto our client’s foot causing the minor a devastating crush injury resulting in fractures requiring surgery.  Featured in New York Law Journal.

  • Stothart v. Montefiore Medical Center, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, New York Law Journal Monday, December 6, 2010 Verdicts & Settlements 12/6/2010 NYLJ 5, (col. 3)

$3,500,000 medical malpractice verdict in favor of our client, wherein a Bronx jury found that the Hospital was negligent in its actions that caused multiple surgeries to correct his badly burned foot.

  • VerdictSearch for “Top Verdicts of 2010” (Pedestrian Knockdown: Richards v. Wolfe) and “Top Verdicts of 2011” (Business Law: Sharon Healthcare v. Wicker)

Richards v. Wolfe was a pedestrian and motor vehicle collision case wherein the Defendant negligently ran through a traffic light, striking our client and causing a broken leg. The case was settled during trial for $550,000.

• Sharon Healthcare v. Wicker was a breach of contract and fraudulent conveyance case that resulted in a favorable settlement for our client of $123,000.

•”Top Settlements of 2014” by New York Law Journal for Premises Liability: Negligent Repair category: Calixte vs. 5201 Snyder Avenue Associates

Our client was descending a stairway of his residence and sustained injuries to his head and a shoulder requiring surgery when he slipped and fell. The premises’ superintendent and porter were mopping the stairs and negligently did not post any warning signs or place any safety mats and used a broken mop wringer. The owner also failed to have a handrail on the staircase.  A $300,000 settlement was reached shortly after trial began.

  • “Verdicts and Settlements Hall of Fame: Medical Malpractice.” by New York Law Journal 2014 for the verdict of $3,500,000 in Stothart v. Montefiore Medical Center: Negligent Treatment Category

Our multi-million dollar verdict in Stothart v. Montefiore Medical Center was featured in New York’s premier legal periodical as a top medical malpractice verdict for the year of 2014.

  • Garber v. City of New York 2017, New York Slip Opinion 30231 (U) January 26, 2017, Supreme Court, Queens County. Summary Judgment was denied against a Defendant demolition company which occupied a vacant lot after performing construction work and allowed their heavy machines and equipment to decimate a public sidewalk which was also a driveway to the lot. The Plaintiff, represented by Peter DeFilippis & Associates, was injured when she tripped and fell while walking across the pocked sidewalk/driveway. The case involved a broken foot and settled after a successful liability verdict for $525,000.