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Construction Law

PictureIf you have suffered a serious injury  as a result of a construction accident or any other type of workplace accident, you need a top trial law firm to protect you and make sure you receive full compensation. Many workers who are hurt on the job do not realize that they may be entitled to bring a personal injury action and that they are protected by the labor laws of New York. These laws apply to almost all construction trades, including repair, renovation, demolition, maintenance, painting, electrical, carpentry and masonry. State and federal law protect employees in all other types of industries as well.

Construction sites can be extremely hazardous for workers, particularly when proper safety precautions aren’t taken to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. The construction accident attorneys at  Peter DeFilippis & Associates have experience handling all  types of construction accident lawsuits and have helped many workers in NYC and beyond. Find out more by contacting us for an in depth discussion about your legal rights.

We well understand the potentially dangerous nature of construction projects. Mr. DeFilippis, the son of a civil engineer/ general contractor, spent a great deal of his youth participating in the family owned contracting business and learning most all aspects of the construction field. Actual field experience coupled with legal experience gives him the ability to quickly comprehend and address construction and other premises related accidents. This background gives Mr. DeFilippis and his attorneys an advantage in representing and trying cases against those in the construction, real estate and related industries. If you have been injured at or near a construction site, you need to call an attorney familiar with the unique labor laws of New York affecting construction cases. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine how we may be of legal service in connection with your construction site injury.