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Areas of Practice

Below is a brief overview of the Practice Areas we serve. Click on the practice area titles for additional information about each or contact us today for a confidential no cost consultation regarding your situation.

Personal Injury
If you have been seriously hurt due to another’s negligence i.e their failure to act with ordinary care. We hope to assist you in obtaining fair and just financial compensation for all the harm, losses caused by your personal injury. We have the experience, dedication and skill to handle your case from its inception through trial and to obtain the best possible result. Our proven track record over the past decades, provides evidence of how meticulously we prepare each and every claim. Leaving no stone unturned in our investigations has earned us a reputation as tenacious and skillful litigators. We specialize in all manner of auto cases, premises injuries, including slip and trip and falls, construction site incidents, medical malpractice claims just to name a few. We would be honored to handle your case and fight for your legal rights.

Medical Malpractice
When a possible deviation from accepted medical standards could be the cause of injury or harm, we have  the experience and expertise to protect your rights. We begin by obtaining all necessary medical records for analysis by healthcare professionals. The goal is to determine if there has been a significant departure from accepted medical practice in the medical community where the alleged malpractice occurred. Gathering as much information and knowledge as possible about the causes of the injury and the alleged medical negligence equips us to fight hard to get you the fairest compensation available for any and all losses sustained, including any lost earnings and all medical costs. We only accept and process cases in which a medical professional’s review concludes legitimate medical misconduct resulted in serious and permanent injuries.

Automobile Accidents
There are nearly 6.5 million automobile accidents occurring in the United States each year. The law allows victims of automobile accidents to seek compensation from the parties responsible for their injuries. As a driver, passenger, or pedestrian involved in an automobile accident, you could face injuries ranging from minor to severe or possibly life-threatening. A loved one may even pass away as a result of their injuries. When you or a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident, retain a personal injury firm such as ours–one with a long history of consistent successful results in litigating motor vehicle accident claims. We are known for our extensive experience and aggressive strategy. We are committed to protecting the legal rights of our clients and getting them the compensation they deserve.

Business Law
All types of businesses rely on Peter DeFilippis & Associates, P.C. for quality, diligent, cost effective legal representation. We are highly skilled and trained litigators prepared to aggressively protect the rights and interests of your business. Let our years of courtroom experience work to your benefit; rectifying the wrong unjustly impacting your company’s bottom line.

Construction Law
Our firm represents owners, general contractors, architects, subcontractors and tradesmen in construction related cases. We understand the nature of construction projects. We work with our clients to help ensure the project gets completed on-time and within budget.

We consistently resolve various types of contract cases and contractual disputes. Our firm regularly expedites cases without jeopardizing the necessary attention to detail. If you feel that another party has breached your agreement, contact our office and have an experienced and dedicated attorney evaluate the matter.