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We have become well known for our expertise in personal injury law within the New York Metro area, the attorneys at Peter DeFilippis & Associates have earned widespread recognition for their track record of success, garnering attention from a multitude of prominent media platforms including television, radio, online, and print publications. Their presence and insights have graced esteemed channels such as Court TV, A&E, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, WB 11 News, and more.

Our legal team has extensive experience in navigating various forms of media coverage. Mr. DeFilippis has made appearances across major local TV news stations and legal television programs, contributing insightful commentary to numerous newspapers, magazines, and esteemed blogs.

Should your case attract media interest or demand exposure, we possess the confidence and proficiency to adeptly manage the coverage, ensuring it serves the best interests of your case while safeguarding your privacy.

It is our steadfast commitment that our firm will refrain from publishing or engaging in the dissemination of any information concerning our clients or their cases without obtaining their explicit and full consent and approval.

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