Readers Sound Off On Lawsuits

By Peter DeFilippis  [for New York Daily News]

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Alyssa Katz should refrain from generalizing about the reputation of all trial lawyers functioning within the court system (“Nader’s legacy and our challenge,” Op-Ed, Oct. 5). She references “abuses of money-grubbing trial lawyers” without providing a single proven example.
We trial lawyers work hard on a contingency basis to prove our cases. (In New York, about 20% for a medical malpractice and 33% for a general negligence claim goes to the lawyer who prevails on behalf of the plaintiff.)
There is no upside to bringing a case that will be scoffed at by investigators, insurance adjusters, jurors, judges or appellate courts. Cases are highly vetted, investigated and scrutinized, often take five to 10 years to entirely resolve and require tens of thousands of dollars in litigation costs, which we advance for our clients from our own pockets.  A couple of screwball cases does not warrant disparagement upon an entire area of a profession.